Bia Adnan

Bio: Hi! About me? Well.. Let's begin:).. I am an artist by profession, an occasional writer, an avid reader, yoga enthusiast and not to forget a full time stay-at-home MOM! Yes. I belong to a few of those multi passionate people who need to live in the world of creativity and passion in order to breathe and survive. Though most of my days begin and end by chasing, disciplining, playing and wholeheartedly raising my two (3 and 1 year old) munchkins, a spark somewhere inside keeps on flickering every now and then; which serves as a reminder to create because there is no other best time to create but NOW.. "Mom's Canvas" is a little support blog for artist moms who put an end to their creative endeavors as soon as their new life begins after marriage and kids. As a struggling artist mom myself, I believe, art making is a self-nourishment process which isn't anything less than raising a child. I hope to run "mom's canvas” with a will to learn something new each day. Be it a thought, a sketch, a positive note or any forthcoming idea, every baby step helps in making a change. Through my blog I hope to connect with artist moms and support the change. Dream. Follow. Achieve will hopefully be my motto for the rest of my life.

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  1. Hey Bia!
    Just discovered your blog. I must say, your blog is an inspiration to moms who sacrifices their dreams for the sake of family. They might not know how they can manage their families without sacrificing their future. Your blog is a motivation to such souls !
    I wish you best of luck!!

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  2. Thank you so much Salima Noor for your kind words:). They mean a lot and surely have acted as a motivation for myself as well.. I’m glad you found my blog useful for passionate moms:)


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