Meet an inspiration !, Asma Naseem:)

Happy new year to all mommy artists out there! Hope this year brings lots of  joy, peace, treasured memories and most of all self-determination in our lives.

I’m going to start new year with an introduction of a wonderful mom artist who also happens to be an awe-inspiring designer, a refined crafter, an entrepreneur, a home maker, and a dedicated mom of three amazing kids, as our inspiration. Not only is she great at what she does but also one imperturbable, calm and extremely gentle personality.

At expo!

Let’s meet Asma Naseem 🙂

Asma runs a hand crafted jewelry designing business with a name of “Patternz”. By carefully selecting materials and sparkling beads, each and every ornament among her jewelry is handcrafted with love, care and devotion solely by herself. She loves to play with different mediums and “Gotta” being her most favorite. Due to her unique design sense and distinctively embellished jewels she has also been featured in Houston based Bibi Fashion magazine. We can also spot a traditionally dressed elegant model in Pakistan Fashion week London unfurling Matha Patti, necklace, bangles and earrings exclusively designed

Fashion week London

and crafted by “Patternz”.

Six years down the line, let’s explore how she learned to manage and cope up with challenges during this time.

Please brief about yourself and your family?

Hi dear ladies! My name is Asma Naseem Khan and I am a jewelry artist. I completed my Master’s degree from Karachi University. I am also a  mom of three kids Hanzala, Shaheer and Hiba ages 16, 13 and 8, respectively. My Husband serves Pakistan Army so I have traveled a lot and explored culturally rich cities. After we moved to Karachi In 2013, I initiated my jewelry designing and crafting business. Designing patterns to fabricate a unique piece of jewelry out of “Gota” in combination with beads, stones and gems has been my passion ever since. Hence, the name “Patternz” came in to existence. Besides that I have my interests in Urdu literature, home decor and gardening as well.

bespoke accessories by Patternz

What did you want to be when you grew up?

The time when I was a kid, girls were mostly inclined towards medicine and took it up as a profession. Naturally, I also envisioned myself as a doctor when I grew up.

When did you explore yourself as an artist?

The sense of Art, design and aesthetics was quite evident in my lifestyle I just never considered myself as an artist until later on in life. Actually, in the midst of a busy married life and raising my three treasured bundles of joy. Yes, thats when I explored the real me. Every time we moved to a new location due to “posting schedules” we were allotted homes with big gardens. I simply adored spending my leisure time in taking care of my garden and designing it from the scratch. I developed interest in studying our whereabouts and culture while I traveled across the country. I discovered culturally enriched local works of art which helped in waking up the artist in me once again. I initiated jewelry designing right then and there, first as a hobby.

How being a mom affected you as an artist?

edited 2.jpg
Artist at work!

Like I mentioned I discovered my passion while I was already playing a role of a mom so, initially, having a hobby other than my usual house work had a little impact over my work life balance. Yes, once things expanded and changed in to full time business, the biggest hindrance I faced was of time management.

How do you overcome any delays in your creative process?

I have always found my family as a great support in overcoming delays in my assigned projects. They took care of certain things while I was busy fulfilling my targets. With the passage of time I also learned to cope up with delays and developed definite time management strategies according to my need and work schedule. I believe, things turn out fine once you get in to a routine, support is essential but mostly you learn to manage things on your own.

What keeps you inspired to create every day?

hard work speaking volumes!

My biggest inspiration is my “creative spark”. Its the artist inside me that makes me unique at what I do and helps me stay firm on my grounds. I strongly believe ” No one is you, that’s your power”. My work has become my passion and vice versa. Among numerous forms of art making that drives me “jewelry crafting” clicks me the most.


Which part of the day makes you feel most energetic and driven towards creativity?

I’m an early riser and morning hours suit me the most to work on creative goals. I feel energized and more creative during early hours of the day.

Tell us about your working space and how it affects your mood as an artist?

working spce
Asma’s Creative space 🙂

In my house, I have dedicated a small room for my work. As its my working space and is always filled with knickknacks, trinkets and my sparkling gems, it always effects my mood positively. Besides, My love for my passion is stronger than any environment I work in.

Name one strength that helped you make your mark?

Along side my skill and passion, my husband’s constant support and encouragement has been a pillar of strength throughout my journey so far. I’m glad he loves my work as much as I do.

Tell us about your latest project?

I started off with textile jewelry (Gota jewelry)  but with the passage of time I wish to adopt other mediums in to my creative process. In few of my latest projects I have introduced metal infused with other mediums like textile, beads, gems etc. To be honest, a knack for experimenting and playing with different mediums is a must for an artist to keep the creative spark alive.

What are you most excited about right now?

Busy with clients at “crafter’s Guild” expo.

I am always excited about my work and the way it is received.

What is your key to positive energy?

My kids act as a positive energy for me. They watch me working at home and accompany me at exhibitions. The moment that uplifts me the most and clears all the doubts in my mind is when my 8 year old daughter, while practicing Art at home, claims that she wants to be an artist like her mama. Nothing in the world seems more satisfying as watching your kids looking up to you as an exemplary career woman and a home-maker.edited kids

Your top 5 favorite artists?

 Ali Zeeshan
Azza Fahmy
Amin gul gee
Abdur Rehman Chughtai
Yousuf Bashir Qureshi

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Five years from now, I wish to introduce and establish my brand, internationally. In fact, jewelry by “Patternz”  has already been featured in an International song and released worldwide. I aim to officially launch my brand at the international level. Let’s hope for the best.

Shinning bright!

Any advice that you would like to offer to our aspiring mom artists who find it challenging to manage  Art career and home together and are mostly on the verge of giving up?

Dear mommies, family does come first, for all of us, it is most important. What is more, things become even more challenging if you’re an art enthusiast yourself. I believe its important for an artist to express, in any form, that may be. If you’re an artist and a home-maker I would insist in making a little extra effort to realize your dreams. For me, the key to success has been “time management”, so far.  The better you’re at managing home, business and kids, the closer you get to self-actualization. Just the way you take care of people around you, its also important to take care of your dreams, which are an essential part of you. A little bit of an effort would go a long way for sure.

Please visit PATTERNZ by Asma Naseem and explore beautiful jewelry and accessories.

Author: Rabia Adnan




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