Dear Karachi :)

Dear Karachi,

You are lovely. Extremely addictive. Despite of the unfortunate circumstances that you have to go through every hour, every minute, every second of the day you are still unable to get rid of the eternal beauty that you and only you happen to be blessed with. God knows the pain, anxiety,torture, desolation one has to go through when deciding where to reside if not Karachi. I’m a pure Lahori. I hated you the moment I stepped in your jurisdiction. I abhorred every road overfilled with cars starting from the newest to the rusted, buses that seemed nuts to butts with people hanging all over , lawless traffic, tree less pathways, dust every where, tallest neck hurting buildings, fear struck alleys, and one thing that I loathed the most was the journey that i had to make travelling from one destination to the other. It seemed everything that I love exists as far afield as possible.

Every day I missed 16 years of my life spent in Lahore. Those much cleaner and smoother roads with enough green around to breathe, disciplined traffic, planned infrastructure and of course numerous glowing and happy faces to look at everyday. In the new city,the concept of being in a rush every second of the day annoyed me to the highest. Every other being appeared to be in a state of haste, yearning to conquer an impervious delusion. You know what, I was wrong. Wrong to consider that a delusion when it was a need.

Karachi! they say you execute life. I say you possess a million opportunities for each n every individual to live and live decent nonetheless which race, back ground,sect, social stratum they belong to. Beginning from the proletarians, blue collar workers passing through the middle-incomes and surging towards the elite, each echelon finds comfort regarding the fulfillment of basic needs. Businesses grow. People are not afraid of trying new things, innovative niches, exploring creative recreational activities(e.g. Do Dariya, Surf Bays, Port Grand etc.). Folks do not greed over brands, lifestyle, trends instead they long for peace, justice, a quiet fearless stroll in a park. Attire freedom is one of the strengths that your citizens possess. They are too occupied to give an eye roll over one’s attire while entering a posh cafe, lounge, malls. One can go anywhere wearing only ingenuity.

Despite of all the blood shed in the last many decades, every effort of tearing you down further in to smaller pieces, every soul shattering street crime, psychotic political movements, life threatening incidents you still possess an unusual spark. A glint of pleasure and high spirits in night life just never fades away. Even at midnight and after you seem to be blooming at your best. I find you the most impregnable of all. I wholeheartedly pray for your long life.  I earnestly want my kids to grow in a Karachi free of  barbarity and atrocity present in every nook and corner.  My beautifully blessed Karachi! I wish I could diminish this heartbreaking inhumanity and injustice which is gradually poisoning the whole nation. I wish I could bring back that long valiant and spirited night life of Karachi. I wish I could undo prevailing transgression. I wish I could save you…

with love,

your heart broken citizen…



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