Meet an inspiration! Aroob Ansari :)

Yo folks! First of all a very happy Eid-ul-adha to everybody who catches my blog ;). I'm quite excited to introduce the artist mom that we have on board for this month's interview. As she isn't only an artist but also a multi-skilled and a multi-passionate persona. If there was another name given to "mystical … Continue reading Meet an inspiration! Aroob Ansari đź™‚

Meet an inspiration, Saima Haider

This month I am going to introduce you all to an extremely talented artist who is also a home maker, a dedicated mom of three beautiful daughters and a student in the field of 'web designing'. Meet Saima Haider, our inspiration for the month of June 2020. Saima explored herself as an artist 13 years … Continue reading Meet an inspiration, Saima Haider

Get the knack of dealing with criticism on your Art :)

A few days ago while browsing You tube channel I came across an old talk show which must have been aired on PTV in either 80's or early 90's. As I'm a die heart fan of  legendary writer Bano Qudsia and Ashfaq Ahmed (my favorite couple in art industry) I clicked on the thumbnail which … Continue reading Get the knack of dealing with criticism on your Art đź™‚

Meet an inspiration !, Asma Naseem:)

Happy new year to all mommy artists out there! Hope this year brings lots of  joy, peace, treasured memories and most of all self-determination in our lives. I'm going to start new year with an introduction of a wonderful mom artist who also happens to be an awe-inspiring designer, a refined crafter, an entrepreneur, a … Continue reading Meet an inspiration !, Asma Naseem:)

Crafter’s expo 2018.. a tour de force!

My first ever encounter with mom artists of Karachi took place over the platform of "Crafter's expo", 2018. The event had been arranged by Varah Mussavir, the sole founder and concept originator behind "Crafter's Guild". Crafter's Guild is a unique platform for creative crafters and artists, from all over Pakistan. By participating, several artisans display … Continue reading Crafter’s expo 2018.. a tour de force!

Sunshine Blogger Award:)

  Cheers:) I'm delighted to announce that I have been nominated for the sunshine blogger award by Sumayya Ali. Thank you Sumayya for the nomination! Sumayya herself is a wonderful blogger at My rebellious world. She runs an awareness blog and stands out in her skills of delivering a thorough analysis of societal issues based on … Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award:)

Quick & handy tool kit is a must!

Few of the snags that discourage moms in pursuing their art careers include less storage space for art materials to fit in, no extra space for setting up an easel or bench, health concerns in case kids accidentally inhale or consume any toxic art medium and last but not the least dealing with emergencies while … Continue reading Quick & handy tool kit is a must!

Meet an inspiration:), Ifrah Shahid Khurram

My favorite moment of the month has finally arrived:) Today I'm delighted to introduce you all to a Pakistani mother artist and an amazing  jewelry designer Ifrah Shahid Khurram, currently residing and successfully running a jewelry designing business with a name of "American Diamonds", in Canada. Ifrah fine tuned her art skills through Home Economics … Continue reading Meet an inspiration:), Ifrah Shahid Khurram